The Journey Continues: Hairnets are Hot


It’s my husband’s birthday week, my mom is in town, and the majority of my day has been about kimchi. Is this what my life is becoming?

In all honesty, it is exciting. Every step has been clarifying. It is almost like this kimchi business is materializing in front of me. Don’t get me wrong, I am working for it, but there are times when I think, “Wait a second. How did this all happen?!”

Today was my FINAL appointment with the Department of Agriculture. I passed! I am officially considered a safe food handler according to the state of Utah. Booya baby. It was exciting to be in the kitchen that I will be using and to experience making kimchi the first time in this new “home.”

I had the chance to meet with the Business Resource Center to talk about pricing, cash flow, and the different methods of selling. It is a lot to learn but I think I am catching on quite quickly. The guy I met with today will be my mentor from this point forward. He had no idea what kimchi was and by the end of our appointment he was jazzed about Yummchi. I am so lucky to have this resource and for the enthusiasm I am greeted with while I am there.

I will be honest, this last week has been scary! I am in the ending stages of the business start up process. It is all going to be real soon, not just preparation. I have to remind myself that so far I have had constant support and things have been working out. That is a reminder for me to keep pushing and to face my fear. Maybe fear is good. It keeps me on my toes!

SO here is what I am doing/waiting on right now.

  • Waiting for my sample labels to come in the mail so I can know if they are good to be mass printed
  • Making some final alterations required by the state on the label (a lot of label stuff I guess!)
  • Waiting on the Department of Agriculture’s official certification letter so I can send that in with my application to the farmers market
  • Get my FINAL labels printed after they approved by the Department of Agriculture
  • Get my shirts in the mail and disburse to people who bought them (THERE WERE SO MANY!! Thanks everyone!!!)
  • Do a fantastic photo shoot of my friends wearing Yummchi shirts and of my completed product: jar+kimchi+label
  • Make my website super sexy and store ready
  • Launch in the farmers market!

The rest I am working on right now. I am learning about business. I am going to keep writing blog posts. I will keep posting pictures of all things kimchi related. I will keep educating myself on the science of probiotics so I can share that goodness with you.

I have to say once again how much I appreciate everyone who has been a part of this journey. I love you all.



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