Thank Goodness for Talented Label Designers


This post is to honor and show off my label designer, Clarissa Helps. I honestly get emotional every time I see the labels for Yummchi so gosh darnit I am going to write about it.

It all started when I would play games with a group of friends. I would see Clarissa with her sketch pad drawing up some masterpiece in a matter of minutes. I was always impressed with her skills. I appreciated and admired that she was not just using her art for her job, but also as a hobby! How cool is that? I think that is rare to find in a person.

Years later, I got the wild idea to start my own blog and Clarissa is the only person that came to mind to help me with the logo. She agreed and we talked about it but it never really happened. (I think this was meant to be). As the blog took a pause due to pregnancy and basically my whole life changing, we did not talk about it further.

Then came January. I got this even CRAZIER idea to start my own business. You know the story. I am a beginner when it comes to business but one thing I have always been sure on is that I need an amazing label. So the conversation with Clarissa continued. I knew she was talented, but I had no idea if she had ever designed a label. We met up and talked about some of my ideas and I kid you not, in about 3 minutes she had captured the vision of what I wanted.

I have to give major props to her because I think she should have fired me multiple times. Though the general idea has stayed consistent, I have changed my mind probably 30 times on this or that. We are finally at a final product that meets all of the legal guidelines (yeah, look into that before just diving into label making). We have had some disagreements, but it has only resulted in more amazingness for Yummchi.

I have to say that my label (in my opinion) is the prettiest/coolest/most eye catching/awesomest/best kimchi label out there….and I have seen quite a number.

I cannot express enough gratitude to her. She is part of the heart and soul of Yummchi.

Please check her out if you are looking for some kind of design/illustration/animation work! You will not be disappointed.

Her portfolio can be found at



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