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Hi Friends!

So it has been a little quiet over here at the Yummchi website. We are launching business at the Downtown Salt Lake Farmers Market this Saturday and I had it on my to-do list to come update the website. I laughed at some of the things I was trying to do. I tend to be over ambitious sometimes but I think it leads me to exciting places and I always learn a lot.

So last time I wrote a post was in February and I was praising Clarissa, my brand designer. She really is the best.

Since I wrote last I have gotten IN to the farmers market. I applied on the first day that applications were available (February 8th I think) and then impatiently waited and waited and waited. I knew applications closed April 4th and I emailed the farmers market folks requesting a time frame. I did not get much except that I would hear back soon. April 8th I got an email saying this,

“Dear Yummchi, LLC,

Congratulations!  Your product has been selected for consideration at the Downtown Farmers Market.  Your next step is to answer the questions below in as much detail as possible and return your answers to us via email no later than Tuesday, April 12th at 5:00 pm. 

In addition, you must provide samples of the products you wish to sell at the Market to be reviewed by an independent jury of culinary experts and local food lovers.  These samples must be delivered to our office no later than Friday, April 15th before 10:30 am. If your item is shelf stable, you can deliver it to our office at any time before then. If your item must be refrigerated or served fresh, please plan to deliver Friday morning. If you need to make special arrangements, please contact us as soon as possible. Presentation should reflect how you intend to sell your item at the Market.”


So obviously I freaked out.

I brought my samples up and started the waiting game once again. I am getting good at this game (not).

I think it was within a week that I got a call from the farmers market folks and they told me that the food jury “freaked out they loved it.” I was stunned and thrilled and could not even believe what she was saying. She invited me to be a vendor and requested if I would be full time or part time. I told her my situation with being pregnant and she was incredibly supportive and excited. She said something to the effect of, “keep us posted. Even if we just get a few weeks of great kimchi, we will be excited.”

I am pretty sure that I cried after I hung out. I cried and jumped around. I called my husband and then my parents. FINALLY EVERYTHING HAD A DIRECTION AND A PURPOSE. Before I had felt that I was shooting in the dark…I knew what I wanted to do and I needed an outlet to do it. This was my top choice for selling kimchi and it happened.

I was able to relax a little bit after that. I had an orientation that I needed to attend and I felt like I would have a good idea of what I still needed to do after that.

The week of the orientation was….interesting. I was scheduled to attend a Friday session around noon. I woke up that Wednesday with what I thought was the stomach flu. I threw up all day. Wednesday night I started get severe pain on the middle right side of my back. I was up at 4 in the morning from the pain and started researching possible explanations. All of my symptoms matched that of kidney stones. I read about the risks associated with pregnancy and kidney stones and got pretty worried. The biggest risk was pre-term labor (ahhhh!). I texted my mom and my sister later that morning asking them what their experience of kidney stones was and it seemed to be what I was feeling. I went to instacare as soon as they opened and they checked my urine. They said I had a nasty kidney infection and gave me a shot and a prescription for antibiotics. The doctor I saw said to call someone if I was not improving within 24 hours. I slept that day but was still in a lot of pain. The next day I forced myself up and drove myself to the orientation. It was great but I felt have dead during the whole thing. I stopped at Aubergine for a smoothie bowl since I had not eaten hardly anything since Wednesday and remember just sitting in the chair thinking, “Maybe I will just sleep here. I do not think I have the will to get up and get myself home.” That night I started getting a fever. I remember feeling FROZEN and laying underneath 10 blankets. We checked my temperature and my fever got up to 101 or 102. I called my midwives and they said I should go to the hospital.

WELL. After an overnight stay in the hospital and some IV antibiotics, I was a new person. What a fun week :)

Since then I have been working hard on figuring out what my booth will look like. I get a 10×10 space which is kind of a lot! I don’t think I realized how much space that actually was until Sean and I went shopping for canopies. It is a bit overwhelming.

All in all I think we are ready. The general layout is planned, we have product, my bestest friend Brooke is helping us out Saturday morning. There are a few things to get in order but we are ready.

So here is to Saturday, June 11th. The day Yummchi officially launches.


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