Launch Day!!!

launch day

WE DID IT!!!! We launched.

So much anticipation and work was put into this.

Opening day at the farmers market was a bit treacherous! There was rain and wind for most of the day. This did not stop people from showing up though! We had some amazing help from Brooke and Chris and I am not sure how we could have done it without them.

I think my favorite part of the day was talking with people. We got amazing feedback! I loved hearing people’s past experiences of eating kimchi and giving them the experience of our kimchi. Some people had no idea what kimchi was and dove right in to try it! A lot were pleasantly surprised.

We learned a lot. We had a ton of fun.

After market I got to attend an amazing baby shower put together by my mom and sister and got totally spoiled. This future baby is going to be stylish and smothered in love. It was so comforting to feel so much support. Knowing that people love me and believe in me is the most valuable gift. Having my mom in town these past days has been a game changer. She is able to help me focus and work on important things. Plus she is the most organized person and helps me with my crazy brain! I LOVE YOU, MOM! I could not have done this without you.

By the end of the day we were WIPED OUT. I remember going to bed and my brain was tired but running!  With such a successful first day, it gave the hope and motivation to continue on with even more determination.

This week we are going to be in the kitchen twice because we did not realize how much we would need to prepare! We will continue to learn as we go and that is one of the best parts about this. We are learning so much and making amazing connections.

OH. Our neighbors at the market sell chocolate….so that is another bonus.

The future is exciting and I cannot wait to make more kimchi for you all.

Love you all. Thank you for supporting Yummchi on launch day.

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