Back in the swing of things!


Ok my last post was June 13. That is pretty terrible. Hear me out though….I have good reason.

So as most of you know I was pregnant when I started the Yummchi journey and I am no longer pregnant because I had my baby! July 16 at 7:32 am. Due to some complications at birth baby girl (Afton) had to spend 13 days in the NICU. This shook up our world a little bit. We are happy to say that Afton has recovered miraculously and is growing and thriving. So much so that I actually feel like I have time to really put time into Yummchi again. Yes we have been at the Salt Lake Farmers Market but as far as updating the website…not so much.

SO HERE I AM! Back and ready for kimchi fun. Some things that I am currently working on:

  • Helping share the goodness of kimchi by posting recipes
  • Lots of Instagram posts to tell/show you what we are up to
  • Preparing to get in grocery stores (there is a lot to this)

Having a baby has been life changing beyond what I would have ever known. I am excited to continue this journey of entrepreneurship and motherhood simultaneously. I have had so much positive feedback and it gives me the energy to keep pushing and keep working! I love you all. The support has been unreal.

Keep up with us on Instagram and always feel free to email me any thoughts or questions or feedback.


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