What’s the Sitch?


Hi friends!

I wanted to update you all on what is going on with Yummchi and what is going on with me!

So the summer market ended in October and it was AMAZING. Holy crap we had a great turn out. We sold 1,000 units of kimchi. ONE THOUSAND. That is so much kimchi!!!!!

I think my favorite part about the market was getting to know some of the regular patrons. I loved talking about the health benefits of kimchi, other’s experiences in Korea (shout out to all of the Veterans I spoke with!), and people’s love of fermented food.

I could not believe how many people had never tried kimchi and fell in love at first taste. That is more than I can say for myself. It took me a few tries before I felt the magic.

Honestly, I cannot even believe it happened. I had a baby and then the nicu and then recovering and then getting back into kimchi. WOW. And here we are in November.

I spent 3 weeks of the last month or so in California so that has been crazy. I loved being with family but I also feel like I have not yet found a rhythm. I just take it day by day.

SO! Where are we now? What are we doing? The Downtown Salt Lake Winter Market is happening now and it is every other week. This Saturday (November 19th) is the next market and my mom is coming to town. YAY! The market is from 10am-2pm and goes until April and then we get a month off from markets and June is summer market again!

We do have an event coming up in December called the Park Silly Winter Bazaar. This is a 3 day event running from December 9-11. I am super nervous for this as I have not done an event like this yet. I think it will be a good experience and really nice to get to know some of the Park City patrons.

So that is about it.

One more thank you to everyone who made this year possible. It has been the craziest, hardest, most rewarding year yet.

Love you all.




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